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Celebrating Learning Disabilities

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Celebrating Learning Disabilities

Celebrating Learning Disabilities

Ruth-Ellen Henry By Ruth-Ellen Henry

Imagine a place where the young & mature with specific learning disabilities like Dyslexia/Autism can create their business dreams, achieve their career aspirations and are celebrated not tolerated!

Lewisham Idea stage

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The Celebrated Hub will be for people with learning disabilities who want to create sustainable businesses that start up & stay up and have careers that fill them with hot burning desires to stay in work all through being equipped with an arsenal of skills that are applied for the purpose of delivering innovation and a good dollop of obese profits so they can live independent lives.

Every month we will launch the celebrated campaign targeting a specific entrepreneur who will showcase in the market Gazebo so they can get the skills they need to succeed and have a sustainable income. The Celebrated Hub is our vision for grassroots entrepreneurship; filling in for the failures of established institutions (half of learning disability services failed to meet government standards).

This is a big project that bring a huge social impact to society as it celebrates them for their skills they do have, this is phase 1 where we will take over an old pub for our coworking training space.

What we'll deliver:

  • Deliver structured training, practical and relevant training programme to 30 adults for work & self employment
  • Provide work experience for children and adults to help them into work
  • Provide workshops to up skill the community including ones on online marketing & sales
  • Rent and revive a old pub or unused building into a coworking space and pop up mall
  • Showcase various pop up outdoor businesses from the hub at least 20 times a year
  • Build a stimulating, positive & creative atmosphere through the use
  • Develop new start ups and give them measurable metrics on the viability of there business based on there pop up success

Why it's a great idea:

In 2003, a study in the UK found that, whilst within the occurrence of dyslexia is around 10-15% of the national population, 40% of the 5,000 self-made millionaires had been diagnosed as dyslexic. There is untapped potential for great growth in the economy through heroes that society may not ordinarily count on. The way people with learning difficulties brains are wired are amazing and should be celebrated, not just tolerated.

Research, (National Autistic Society 2012) shows only 15% of people with autism are in full-time employment and 9% are in part-time employment, while four out of five people with autism on out-of-work benefits say they would like to work, with the right support.

According to Mencap children with a learning disability are often socially excluded and 8 out of 10 children with a learning disability are bullied. 1 in 2 families with a disabled child live in poverty, this creative business hub for entrepreneurs will allow for independence for these social groups.

Steps to get it done:

  • Work with JCP to support people back into work
  • Work with Lewisham Council and local voluntary organisations for best practice
  • Work with specific learning difficulties charities to bring forward our common goals quicker

We hope to rent the pub we have in mind in Lewisham that we have identified will help build up the community, if by the time we raise the funds the pub is taken we will search for another one, there are plently of closed down pubs in the area.

Over 80,000 people in London have some form of disability. 1 in 5 people in the UK have some form of learning difficulty, no one is taught how to run a business and our creativity is often stifled but who says you can't be creative and successful - no one I say!

The entrepreneurs that are in the process of setting up there businesses will be assisted by those out of work (funded by us on a freelancer per hr scheme) which will give those out of work real work experience and the skills they need for the possibility of permanent employment within that entrepreneurs business. So not only do the entrepreneurs delegate and get traction quicker but they also help to employ people in the long term with their businesses.


Location Lewisham

About the space

Closed down pub in Lewisham



How will the money be spent?Total £52,519

Sixth Months Rent for old pub in Lewisham - £18,198 (35%)
Phase 1 Refurb of old pub - £18,000 (34%)
Certified Trainers for back to work course delivery x 6 - £3,000 (6%)
Entrepreneur pop up supplies - £2,450 (5%)
Santos Juicer + Fresh Fruit supplies for 6 month - £1,400 (3%)
desktops for entrepeneurs to work on x 6 - £1,200 (2%)
Marketing - banners, leaflets & online - £670 (1%)
Public liability insurance - £476 (1%)
Food hygine training for 10 with certification & market membership to NCASS - £425 (1%)
Market pitch for 28 weeks - £351 (1%)
Other - £6,349 (12%)

Costs Breakdown

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Sixth Months Rent for old pub in Lewisham
Phase 1 Refurb of old pub
Certified Trainers for back to work course delivery x 6
Entrepreneur pop up supplies
Santos Juicer + Fresh Fruit supplies for 6 month
desktops for entrepeneurs to work on x 6
Marketing - banners, leaflets & online
Public liability insurance
Food hygine training for 10 with certification & market membership to NCASS
Market pitch for 28 weeks
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT
  • Pop up Gazebo
  • Mobile Sink
  • Sharp Till Point
  • Casual trader licence X 7

Total £52,519

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