Briardale YouTube Project

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Briardale YouTube Project

Briardale YouTube Project

Martin Young By Martin Young

The Briardale Youtube Project aims to give the local people of Cowpen, Kitty Brewster, Bebside and Cowpen Quay an online voice in a public video format through Youtube.

Blyth Idea stage

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The BYP has been set up to give an online voice to the people of Blyth and Cowpen. Members of the public will be able to come into the Briardale Community and Training Centre and use the "Diary Room" to record a short clip of what they think is going wrong or right within their local community and offer up solutions to problems and provide praise where it's due.
Further to this, we aim to go out into other community centres, local events and meetings with a traveling "Pod" to gain a wider range of thoughts and opinions. Once recorded, the clips will be edited and uploaded to the Briardale Centre's Youtube channel where the public will be able to see and respond to people's comments. The video's will also be played in a loop within the Briardale Community Centre.
Along with this, the project will also record exactly what goes on within the Briardale to show what it has to offer with mini series and video's of events taking placce within the Briardale.

What we'll deliver:

  • Upload 10min video's of the collected thoughts from the community to Youtube.
  • Expand and inter-link with other centres to gain a wider scope of opinion and thoughts.
  • Record mini series of activities which go on within the Briardale Centre.
  • Record short Diary Room video's of the local community within the centre.

Why it's a great idea:

Blyth is considered as one of Degeneration and unemployment, drugs and social exclusion are some of the major issues affecting the town. Though there are initiatives in place to counter these constraints, they are town centre focused and do not reflect upon the neighborhoods of Blyth where there is little commercial interest and these area's are often centres of crime and anti-social behaviour.
Emphasis is placed on young people today as being "lost" and "members of a broken society" and something must be done to alleviate this. This view is usually put foward by the older generation and whereas it is good advice, it is a "one size fits all" approach and does not reflect upon every young person. The approach of "older therefore Wiser" can create tensions between generations, leading to a stalemate.
The BYP aims to counter this by giving younger people and older people the oppoutunity to get their voices heard online and working together to make a better community to live in.

Steps to get it done:

  • Approach other centres and ask to record within their centres on specific days.
  • Buy already sourced equipment.
  • Set up the Diary Room within the community centre.
  • Promote the project through out the town and community.
  • Record and edit the first batch of video's and upload to Youtube.
  • Record mini series within the Briardale.


Location Blyth

About the space

The Briardale Community and Training Centre


Northumberland County Council

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Project Worker - £6,500 (59%)
Hitachi StarBoard FX-79E1 - £1,116 (10%)
Hitachi CP-AW2519NM Projector - £1,048 (10%)
Panasonic HDC-MDH1 Pro Video Camera - £680 (6%)
SAMSUNG 300E5A Series 3 15.6'' Laptop - £250 (2%)
AKG Perception USB Microphone - £99 (1%)
Cyberlink Power Director 11 Ultra - £70 (1%)
64GB SanDisk MicroSD Card - £70 (1%)
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Other - £1,062 (10%)

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Project Worker
Hitachi StarBoard FX-79E1
Hitachi CP-AW2519NM Projector
Panasonic HDC-MDH1 Pro Video Camera
SAMSUNG 300E5A Series 3 15.6'' Laptop
AKG Perception USB Microphone
Cyberlink Power Director 11 Ultra
64GB SanDisk MicroSD Card
HAMA Traveller Compact Pro Tripod
500GB Intenso Memory Station 2.5" External HDD
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