Superfast Broadband for Butterfields

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Superfast Broadband for Butterfields

Superfast Broadband for Butterfields

Yang Min Ng By Yang Min Ng

We are crowdfunding to upgrade our broadband cabinet (Eastville Exchange, Cabinet 35) to enable Fibre Broadband for our residential area.

Bristol Idea stage

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We have suffered from slow broadband since the development of our estate. Openreach has informed us that there are no current plans to upgrade our broadband cabinet. However, we have the option to co-fund the upgrade ourselves via the Community Fibre Partnership program. Our cost of upgrading the cabinet is £4780. Spacehive charges a 5% fee + transaction fee + VAT so we need to crowdfund approx £5k (these Spacehive charges are industry standard). Our cabinet supplies 290 households. However, it is impossible to expect every household to be able to contribute. We sent out a survey in mid-October 2017 and received 57 responses after 3 weeks. If everyone responded contributes the max amount pledged, we would reach around £4000 - not enough but we're nearly there! Contribution to this project is entirely voluntary, and it is up to you how much you want to contribute. This is our one chance in the foreseeable future to get Fibre in our neighbourhood!

What we'll deliver:

  • Openreach has promised at least 50Mbps speeds for Fibre
  • Openreach will upgrade our Broadband Cabinet (Eastville Exchange, Cabinet 35) to enable Fibre Broadband (FTTC)

Why it's a great idea:

If the project is successful, residents in the neighbourhood will finally have the option to upgrade to a Fibre Broadband package - this allows us to get at least 50Mbps speeds! This project is co-organised by Yang Min Ng and Colin Field. We're both residents in the neighbourhood and we've lived here for 3+ years. Like you, we've been frustrated with our slow and unreliable broadband speeds. We want to see our neighbourhood get decent internet connections on-par with 95% of the country who already have superfast broadband!

Steps to get it done:

  • Depending on progress, we may decide to extend the crowdfunding project into 2018 (we hope not)
  • Once we reach our funding target, one of us will enter into contract with Openreach
  • Openreach estimates approx 1 year from payment to upgrade
  • We will review funding progress at 4 weeks + 12 weeks after commencing crowdfunding

Here are some extra details: 1. To check which cabinet supplies your broadband - go to and enter your postcode/landline. This crowdfunding project is for Eastville Exchange, Cabinet 35 which supplies properties in the Butterfields estate. 2. If our crowdfunding project does not reach the £5k target no money will be taken from your account. 3. Contribution to this project is entirely voluntary - your current (ADSL) internet service is unaffected whether the project succeeds or not. Obviously if more people are able to contribute, we are more likely to reach our £5k target and therefore have Fibre installed. 4. If you have any questions, concerns, or want to meet face-to-face feel free to contact us: Email - / Yang's mobile 0789 4477 910 5. To verify this project please contact Tracy Turner, BT Group Senior Community Support Manager at (Ref PF03073/CFP1214)


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How will the money be spent?Total £5,208

Payment to Openreach to co-fund the upgrade of Eastville Exchange Cabinet 35 to enable FTTC - £4,780 (92%)
Other - £428 (8%)

Costs Breakdown

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Payment to Openreach to co-fund the upgrade of Eastville Exchange Cabinet 35 to enable FTTC
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £5,208

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