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BlockBuilders Brighton Map

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BlockBuilders Brighton Map

BlockBuilders Brighton Map

BlockBuilders Limited By BlockBuilders Limited

We have designed a process of bringing geospatial data into Minecraft to allow accurate 3D models of cities that anybody can interact with, so residents can design and shape their cities, their way!

Brighton Idea stage

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We want communities to be able to easily interact with the planning system and put forward their opinions on what their city should become. In January 2016 we won Innovate UK's Innovation in Urban Spaces contest, this allowed us to look into new ways of using geospatial data to engage residents in the planning process. For the past year we have been designing a new platform that can take any 3D data and create an accurate model of a city in Minecraft. We use Minecraft as we see it as an easy to use 3D design tool that doesn't leave out some of the most important people within a community, young people. We have now nearly finished our first map using this platform, and it is of Brighton in East Sussex. We need your help to purchase the remaining data needed and also to enable us to start building other cities across the UK. Once digital Brighton is complete we will release the map for free so it is available to anybody with a computer and a copy of Minecraft.

What we'll deliver:

  • We will continue to build the UK in Minecraft so people all across the country can digitally interact with their cities.
  • We will use this map to run public consultation events in the future.
  • We will release the map open source so anybody can access it and play it wherever they want.
  • We will run workshops in Brighton for participants to attend and collaboratively work on the Brighton map.

Why it's a great idea:

Minecraft may be a great 3D design tool, but it also enables young people to become involved in something that they frequently get left out of. By engaging young people within public consultation you also engage their families and friends and create a positive environment where people of all ages and backgrounds can work together to input their ideas on a space. We want to use this map to run public consultation events in Brighton, which we already do, but now we can use an accurate digital version of the city. We also want to encourage residents to use the map at home for free and put their opinions forwards about new developments using our map. We can also use the map to help showcase what proposed developments will look like and how they could impact a community.

Steps to get it done:

  • Once funded we will begin the final preparation for our workshops.
  • Once funded we will begin to purchase datasets for London to start creating our London map.
  • Once funded we will purchase the remaining data needed for the Brighton map.

Location Brighton

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Brighton and Hove City Council

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