The community Place

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The community Place

The community Place

Bliss services By Bliss services

Providing food and essential items and one to one support , for families living in poverty. Their Community Place in the heart of the local community.

Bedlington Idea stage

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A community shop where people can get food and essential items on a daily bases. Working with large retailers to reduce food wastage., and giving items to families so that everyone can have a meal. Bliss buy food as well as develop links to get food for free. This project has only been open one years and we have helped over 900 people to tackle poverty. The best place ever. what would we do without it, client feed back, people with mental health issues not come for a chat and helps them get out of the house and improves their health. We help offenders with the aim to stop them re-offending, and many people who are suffering from lack of money to buy the essential things for daily life. This is not a food bank but a place where people feel they get respect and learn to budget while seeking help to resolve issues keeping them in poverty. We want this to be a major part of the high street, for the community to come to any time. Their community shop, led by the community.

What we'll deliver:

  • Buy some tinned stock as we are running low.
  • Decorate the prom room, and buy dresses for young people to hire .
  • Create a hub room to do one to one support work with people.
  • Create a kitchen so we can cook some food to take away. So families can have a hot tea.

Why it's a great idea:

The is a unique project which should be available in all areas where people are living in hardship. We hope to use this success to replicate in other areas to reach as many people as possible. Everyone should be able to make breakfast for the children, imagine how it feel it be waiting for your children to coming home from school and you have no food to cook them tea. This was normal for families we work with but not now it had to stop. They do not want everything for free they want a way out and it may take time and people who believe they will make the changes over a period of time with help. The project is great as it works with local community and is led by the community. Bringing together community and businesses building community spirit, to help others less fortunate. Giving real people a voice, setting up a steering group so they can influence policies at a higher level. Together we can make changes, using the project for volunteers for all ages, a place to learn new skills.

Steps to get it done:

  • Purchase more food stock to have a variety of items to allow people in poverty have a balanced diet.
  • Sart work on the prom project, decorating the room and buying fittings and dresses.
  • Start to re furbish the kitchen area. Then we can do our cooking on a budget work with clients.

Help us, Help them, Help themselves. Direction and belief that they can make changes to make life better. Before any change can take place people need to have access to essential item needed for daily life, without these all other interventions are worthless. Food, furniture, clothing and support. We help people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, people suffering from drug misuse , offenders. The situation of the project is key to success in the middle of Probation and DWP to reach the most in need.


Location Bedlington

About the space

South East Northumberland


Northumberland Council

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Prom Project - £1,500 (16%)
Other - £693 (8%)

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