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B is for Brentford!

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B is for Brentford!

Together We Create By Together We Create

A project that (quite literally) spell out how fab Brentford is! Giving the local residents and business a chance to create nine community collages to brighten Brentford High Street and the Canal.

Brentford Idea stage

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Over an 8 week period, the team at TWC will work with the residential and business community in Brentford to create 9 eye catching collages to line Brentford High Street and the Grand Union Canal. The each collage will be the outline of a letter which when put together will spell the word B-R-E-NT-F-O-R-D.

We will ensure the collage templates are large providing plenty of space for over 300 local people to add something to the artwork that reminds them of Brentford. Once finished the collages will be digitised by being professionally photographed. The collages will then be printed in two sizes. The larger 1m squared artworks will be hung along the canal; a stretch of waterways that bring people into Brentford. Smaller versions will be hung on the trees which line Brentford High Street.
We hope these pieces of artwork add some more sparkle to Brentford Town Centre similar to the much loved ‘Windows on Brentford’ our first project for Brentford which is located outside Morrisons.

What we'll deliver:

  • We will engage local schools, businesses and residents in the project
  • We will use the artwork to capture a moment of Brentford's history before massive regeneration of the High Street begins
  • We will use the artworks to promote Brentford and to make the Canal a more friendly place to me
  • We will work with the community to create a nine pieces of community art to bright up Brentford High Street & Canal

Why it's a great idea:

This project is fun, engaging, community focused with a touch of legacy!

The Team at Together We Create has worked in Brentford for over half a decade. This project is a chance to bring together the local people and business we have worked with in the past to create something wonderful for the local community.

This project is also an opportunity to tell the story of Brentford. At over a 1 meter squared, there will be ample space on each collage for lots of people to contribute their memories to the project.

As Brentford undergoes a period of change this project will bring the community together to celebrate all that is good about the town.

Once the collage have been printed and are up, they will add extra pizzazz to Brentford High Street and the Canal. We hope visitors will come to the area to view the community collages.

Steps to get it done:

  • We will take the collages to businesses along Brentford High Street so they can contribute towards the project
  • We will take the collages to businesses along the Grand Union Canal so they can contribute towards the project
  • We will take the collages to schools and with community groups across Brentford
  • We will take the collages to sports events including football matches at Brentford Football Club
  • We will have a 'Community Collage' stall at Brentford Market on a Sunday

Over the last five years, local charity Together We Create (TWC) has worked with and engaged over 3,000 young people and their families who live or learn in Brentford. The projects TWC have delivered vary from the ‘Windows on Brentford’; the creation of the community art panels which hang on the building opposite Morrisons on the High Street through to “I love Brentford” a documentary of the area filmed by local young people.

Loads of people love out idea! Griffin Park Learning Zone (GPLZ), the designated learning space within Brentford Football Club will partner up wit us for this project. We also have support from Thames Valley Housing Association and A2 Dominion Housing Association both of which have sizeable communities living in the Brentford Area and have funded a number of projects run by TWC for local people. We also have support from the London Borough of Hounslow, with whom we have worked closely with since the first TWC project in Brentford in 2009.

Location Brentford

About the space

Brentford High Street and the Grand Union Canal (Brentford)


How will the money be spent?Total £15,936

Printing and Installation of the Artwork - £3,000 (19%)
Lead Freelancer Costs - £2,500 (16%)
Support Freelancer Costs (2 People) - £2,400 (15%)
Resources for the artworks inc canvasses and art equipment - £2,250 (14%)
Room Hire - £2,250 (14%)
Project Management, Monitoring and - £2,000 (13%)
Other - £1,536 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Printing and Installation of the Artwork
Lead Freelancer Costs
Support Freelancer Costs (2 People)
Resources for the artworks inc canvasses and art equipment
Room Hire
Project Management, Monitoring and
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £15,936

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