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Empowering young souls of London to better themselves through music. An orchestra of about thirty drums creating a very positive impact on players and audience through its rhythm of joy and self-love

Brent Idea stage

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IDT-ART's aim and objective is to empower London young people's talents and virtues through music by launching soon an Orchestra of Drums called «ATMA». In 2017, a funding activity based on holistic therapies, classes or workshops has been created to generate a very basic support for this not for profit project for integrity, discipline and self-development in which every single purchase reverts as funds for it. To boost the levels of self-respect, happiness and sympathy in the communities ATMA will be performing for by sharing that attitude of the drummers themselves is a social service of engagement we are endeavouring to regenerate. To start pioneering that source of stamina and cultural effect through the beats of one of the most ancient instruments on Earth and thereby to recall the core values of humankind in individuals, groups, communities by enrolling for crowdfunding is then as challenging as worth. Schools and Youth Associations are our target to start with for enrolment.

What we'll deliver:

  • Uplifting London young people's talents and virtues
  • Creating a transformative impact in young people, residents, communities
  • Driving young people's attention from addiction into something uplifting, healthy, integral

Why it's a great idea:

Music is itself a therapy. Following practically the steps of a Portuguese project (our mentor), we will be able to bring about HOPE, CONSTRUCTIVE INTER-ACTIVITY and GROUP SPIRIT to young souls, some of them eventually away from it, somehow and for some time. While boosting these future performers' stamina to better themselves the aimed result is: 1-to create a better community with better relationship among its residents through the performers' example on stage and in daily life; 2-to help generating a better society and economy by reintegrating some of these young souls into the job market by empowering their self-confidence, self-respect and goals setting; 3-to drive them away from addictions by promoting this leisure and cultural time for them; 4-to become eco-friendly aware while using synthetic drums with tops imitating original ones made of animal skin; 5-to pioneer a movement of awareness for change, through music, that can only start by the individual, themselves.

Steps to get it done:

  • the drums for the orchestra; 2.start enrolling future performers; 3.conquer a free place for rehearsals
  • 4.create a 'Group Spirit' while developing the rhythm for a first stunning performance for community upliftment
  • 5.inspire others to join us or to create other pioneer projects to empower better relationships in the world

Music is well known for its power to cool the mind, relax the body, dispel anxiety and depression in a high-impact in rehabilitation, reintegration and life improvement and general terms. Though the disadvantaged youngsters will be our main attention, we want to create an equal opportunity for people in general which may take us to accept any age mainly when it comes to homeless ones. To take future performers to beat their drum at the same exact time demands a level of self-discipline which will help them to greatly develop the need of group spirit until the moment that it will become a reality and no more a need. Then will they be ready to shower others with their rays of proud joy and fulfilment - nothing less than what a good rhythm can really do! To empower young people is an urgent need, as we believe, for life is in general terms becoming to hard and less hopeful for them. To entertain aged people is also an aim of ours and to make it at the same time may become a reality.


Location Brent

About the space

NW10 9QH


London Borough of Brent

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