Artisan coffee in your park

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Artisan coffee in your park

Artisan coffee in your park

Piotr Adamski By Piotr Adamski

A small vintage car towing a small vintage trailer with quality coffee machine, delivering a cup of this energising brew when you are strolling through your park. Great coffee, vintage Fiat!

Leicester Idea stage

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In my professional life I have always worked for various corporations, in crowded open space offices, surrounded by KPIs, SMART objectives, office politics, watching the life go by... My breathing moments were with my kids in a park, having family walks, watching them run, have ice cream from a van and... wanting a cup of coffee when I'm walking with them. My project is simple. I bought a vintage Fiat 126 with a small trailer, which I would like to fit with a coffee machine. I would like to start selling coffee to other parents, grand parents, couples in love and everyone that is on a walk. And I want it to be the coffee that people will want to drink more of. You WILL see a difference between flat white and a cappuccino. What's more you will be served by a person who is smiling and takes pleasure from running his little business, sun or rain.

What we'll deliver:

  • Coffee for 50p for each contributor
  • A unique coffee stall for a local community and park visitors

Why it's a great idea:

A cup of coffee is more than just a drink. It makes people talk to each other, and it adds energy to a local place. It's like walking on a street full of cafes and restaurants vs walking on a street that is empty and full of offices. My little coffee Fiat 126p will make not only myself happy but also the ones who will be my customers

Steps to get it done:

  • Already bought the car with the trailer
  • Bringing the car to the UK on 28th March 2019
  • Need to buy a coffee machine, and all equipment required
  • Need to build wooden worktops on the trailer and service area
  • need to start advertising locally
  • In the mean time, will obtain all relevant permits from the council


Location Leicester

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Blaby District Council

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