Purifying London's Air Powered by Plants

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Purifying London's Air Powered by Plants

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If you If only 5% of Londons population pledged the cost of a cup of coffee each month we could produce 50million litres of clean air, each day

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There is growing concern and pressure to improve Londons air quality due to the health implications caused by inhaling polluted air. Air Purification Units (APU’s for short) can be permanent or temporary structures based on the concept of a living wall. They have been cleverly designed to help reduce air pollution in suburban, inner city areas in particular where people tend to congregate and the concentration of pollution is most high, the roadside. The APUs contain planting that actually absorbs microscopic pollutants and gases produced by vehicle emissions and other sources known to produces purified air which is circulated back into our city’s atmosphere. allowing nature to do what nature does best – balancing.

What we'll deliver:

  • We will fit compact and robust APUs to bus shelters and other roadside structures
  • We will manage an online portal to promote sponsors and educate the public on air quality
  • We will monitor and maintain each unit through monthly service visits

Why it's a great idea:

APU’s provide a sustainable practical solution by introducing vegetation in areas where there are no obvious places to integrate green zones. The units are compact, self-contained and can be positioned in multiple locations temporarily, similar to an advertising billboard, or bus shelter. APUs are compact bio filters that can purify city air to 99.7% purity. These units are compact active living walls that are retrofitted to roadside structures without competing for pavement space. Each APU can out perform traditional planting by 100 times by using quiet fans to direct polluted air right into the rootzone of each plant where the micro organisms can breakdown the toxins at a rate of 500,000 ltrs of air per unit per day 365 days a year. Unlike trees that take several years to mature, APUs can be rapidly deployed to provide immediate improvement to our air quality whilst we wait for alternative fuels and electric vehicles to phase out diesel and petrol emissions.

Steps to get it done:

  • Engaging and educating the public through an online information portal
  • Installation of APU units
  • On-going maintenance of APU units
  • Seek permissions to identify suitable locations for APU deployment

Our crowdfunding campaign is aiming to raise enough funds to retrofit 100 APU units across London's most polluted areas to help start cleaning up London's air. If just 5% of London's population were each to contribute the cost of one cup of coffee per month, we could reach our target of installing 1000 units. The units will purify over one thousand million litres of air a day, sustaining the fresh air needs of over 200,000 commuters! Together, we can help London breathe easier!


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How will the money be spent?Total £1,659,960

1000 APU Units - £1,500,000 (90%)
Other - £159,960 (10%)

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1000 APU Units
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £1,659,960

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