All for One Theatre

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All for One Theatre

All for One Theatre

Sue  Plunkett Thomas By Sue Plunkett Thomas

I would like to offer Chelmsford an all inclusive Theatre Interactive space that isnt just for the elite Theatre companies but an all inclusive art Group for the elderly and struggling Writers .

Chelmsford Idea stage

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I would like to be able to obtain a vacant area in Chlemsford to offer an all encompassing Theatrical Arts Group called All 4 One !.. As an actress and now writer , I am finding that the gap between the elderly and the youth is still far too wide . With so many contactless forms of communication in in the world, I feel we have somehow forgotten that people need people . The older generation is now becoming recognised a little more but I'm afraid we still have a way to go ! My idea would be to have a central Hub, a place of Human communication , of creatives for Play writers , Age Related groups, Choirs , Actors , Market people , Youth Theatre , Advice , practical help a real great centre for Communicating . and performance related events . People love to help one another , we just need the younger generation to join us and get off their phones and tablets ! So many, many, people are lonely and The Arts is a great way to join people up !

What we'll deliver:

  • A fabulous new centre for all inclusive personal human Communication
  • Encourage the Elderly to join with the younger generation
  • Encourage new forms of communication groups to make a chelmsford web .

Why it's a great idea:

This Project is a great idea I feel as one of my experiences of going to a Library recently , I struggled with insertng an image in a document. A gentleman just said to me oh for gods sake give it here you will take all day , took the mouse off me and clicked and inserted it . A young lad who made the time for me sat with me and said look here you go, dont worry about him . I used to teach in classes secndary schools , they didnt want to have lessons , they wanted to hear my stories about my life . In class they dont write any more everything is typed pasted and copied . Im sure that a union of the old and the young working together via the Arts and Crafts , Market trading , Business , Theatrical performances , would really help . When was the last time you saw an elderly person on a market stall in chelmsford ? I bet it was only at a charitable event right ? When was the last time you saw the young staging a muisc event with the elderly unless it was charitable.

Steps to get it done:

In a very brief way I am trying to outline my ideas it wont be a community Centre that you book for old tea dances and the occasional ballet class . It will be a hub of amazing contactable people who make time for one another's interests all working together as one . All for 4 One Group .Th elderly, The young , Business and Arts .

Location Chelmsford

About the space

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