Access to Making and Testing

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Access to Making and Testing

Access to Making and Testing

Maple Works By Maple Works

We are making our entrepreneurship, making and testing skills training accessible to everybody.

Kingston upon Thames Idea stage

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We run a making and testing lab (like a 'FabLab') called CRE-8. It is a fantastic facility within the Canbury Works coworking space but not fully accessible to all. We want to change that. When fully accessible, CRE-8 can enable anyone to take an idea for a physical product and turn it into reality. Such entrepreneurs we call 'makers'. At CRE-8 our makers can learn how to de-risk and then fund their innovative product ideas in today's challenging environment. Our accessibility project 'Access to Making and Testing' involves doing three important things: 1. We need to make training material more accessible online and offline 2. We need to extend our range of demonstration equipment and adapt equipment, change colour schemes, etc. to help people with certain impairments 3. We need to provide better and more manageable physical access to facilities, use better signs and floor markings, install new hand rails and decorate more appropriately in order to widen access to making.

What we'll deliver:

  • Adapt blended learning material (online & offline) for impairments & de-stress learning to minimise anxiety levels
  • Extend disabled access from CRE-8 lab (ground floor) to lecture hall (first floor)
  • Purchase immunity and emission test equipment to add to demo equipment

Why it's a great idea:

Three of the biggest reasons why start-ups fail is that (1) the market need was not there (42%) , (2) they ran out of cash (29%) and/or Not the right team (23%). This project introduces entrepreneurs of all ages and abilities to possibility of developing product ideas in a risk-minimised way so that they avoid the common pitfalls that can dash people's hopes and dreams. Being an entrepreneur is stressful and demanding, but our project will help people to set out on the right path. This is not just about unlocking creative potential, but showing people what it entrepreneurship means in the Industry 4.0 environment, i.e. making full use of cyber-physical systems in their designs and how to test them (inspection, physical test and simulations). It is also about how to raise the funds to work through these essential rapid prototyping processes and then go on to manufacturing, marketing and business development.

Steps to get it done:

  • Complete disability equipment user focus group with the assistance of Kingston Centre for Independent Living
  • Complete draft of online learning materials in support of offline demonstrations
  • Complete purchase and installation of accessibility equipment
  • Purchase supplementary demonstration equipment and familiarise ourselves with it.
  • Verify complete user experience by testing the customer journey in the first Access to Making and Testing showcase

There is a shortage of STEM skills in general and engineering with entrepreneurship skills being in particularly high demand. Addressing these skills shortages means in part opening up opportunities to a wider audience and physical space and accessible training are factors. This Spacehive crowdfunder improves the infrastructure and technical ecosystem in south west London. Once completed, the project will have seeded further pathways to training and business support uniquely designed to tackle the engineering/technology skills gap and future employment uncertainty induced by the rise of automation.

Location Kingston upon Thames

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Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

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How will the money be spent?Total £9,960

Accessbility - £5,000 (50%)
Equipment - £3,000 (30%)
Materials - £1,000 (10%)
Other - £960 (10%)

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Total £9,960

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