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A Cleaner Barnet - Keep our borough clea

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A Cleaner Barnet - Keep our borough clea

A Cleaner Barnet - Keep our borough clea

Angela Sander By Angela Sander

I have just returned from an outing to Cambridge. It was spotless. I’m was very impressed but saddened and disappointed that our Barnet’s beautiful parks and our streets are full of disgusting litter.

Barnet Idea stage

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On my visit to Cambridge there were large yellow signs hung up. They were printed, in bold writing, on sturdy firm signs. I wish I had taken pictures. Please keep our town clean and put your rubbish in the bins provided Or take it home. Cambridge was spotless, no a bit of rubbish anywhere. We need larger and more bins that are pedal operated. We need larger pedal operated dog poo bins. We need a daily bin emptying service. We need leaflets through people’s doors to educate them. We really need a strong TV Campaign as we have had in the past. They do work. Does anyone remember clunk click every trip. Everyone fastens seatbelts all these years later. See a bin and put it in. It worked, we never had the amount of rubbish we have in our streets now. We also need monthly skips around Barnet for people to put their larger items in. I see face masks and rubber gloves on the ground and stuffed in hedges. Who do these people think will pick up after them? They stay for months literally.

What we'll deliver:

  • More bins
  • Daily emptying of bins
  • TV advertising campaign
  • Posters on bill boards at entrances of parks
  • Large skips monthly for public use
  • More fines for leaving rubbish.
  • Wardens in parks to implement fines.

Why it's a great idea:

Our streets would be free of disgusting rubbish. Cans, bottles, masks, rubber gloves and food and drink containers. This looks unsightly and is unhealthy. It is nasty for dogs too. They will pick up anything.

Steps to get it done:

It would make our Barnet citizens feel proud of their environment. We cannot feel proud to be living in such filth. Barnet first needs to be kept clean so a walk in our streets becomes a pleasure and not a sad eyesore. Arriving at Edgware Station one would not think they had come to a third world country.


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