Greater London Authority

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Why we are on Spacehive

The GLA are responsible for making sure London becomes a better place for everyone who lives or works here. To do this in best possible way we have to know what matters to people and make sure their voices are heard. That’s why we want to open up as much of London’s public space to the creativity of local people as possible, to make it easier than ever before for people to tell us what they want in their area.

We know that London is an incredibly diverse city, full of talented people who are passionate about their spaces. By becoming one of the crowd and backing the most popular project ideas across London, we hope to see a far wider and more diverse range of projects, which improve our city in a way that genuinely reflects the existing communities. We're excited to get behind projects which tens, if not hundreds, of local people and businesses are also backing, and hope that our support can help them go on to become roaring successes.


Mayor's High Street Fund

Throughout 2015 the Mayor's High Street Fund pledged over £600,000 to 37 projects on Spacehive.


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